Less Than Two Weeks!

So it’s about 12 sleeps or something like that until the documentary premieres in Melbourne.
Every day is filled with organising the event and making sure everything is perfect for the night.
The nerves have definitely settled in and I keep having dreams that only a few people come to the screening!

I’m now so happy to report that we have Lord of the Fries, Pedigree, Vegan Perfection, Lush and Tigi Hair Products on board.
Lord of the Fries have even generously donated free fries for everyone that attends the Melbourne event!

Sydney numbers are building slowly but surely, it’s going to be a smaller event to the Melbourne one given that we don’t have the same support network over there. However Nicole Brown from ALNSW and Verna Simpson from Humane Society have been so amazing in trying to get the word out.

Oh! And we received some press from the Williamstown Advertiser/The Mail about the documentary which is fantastic! Check out the article below here (I would just put it in this post but WordPress have made it nearly impossible to add photos to posts- if anyone knows how to do this please tell me!): http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/photo.php?pid=4965726&id=120149701614

So not long now… hopefully see you at either the Sydney or Melbourne event!

– Elizabeth x


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Who wants to see our documentary?

Hey Everyone,

We are super excited (and very relieved), to have finally finished organising the premieres for our debut Documentary!
At this stage we have scheduled premieres in both Melbourne and Sydney. We are also very pleased to announce that we have some very special guests attending both screenings; Kartick Satyanarayan and Geeta Seshamani founders of Wildlife SOS.
These two amazing people have very starring roles in the doco, and helped us out a lot whilst being in India, so we are very grateful for them to come all this way for it!
There will also be some lovely drinks, yummy veg food and of cause everyone is welcome!

Details are as follows:

Melbourne – Sunday 25th of July
Kaliede Theatre, RMIT University
300 Swanston St, Melbourne 3000
Doors: 5:30pm

Sydney – Monday 26th of July
The Chauvel Cinema
Corner of Oxford St and Oatley Rd, Paddington 2021
Doors: 6:00pm

Head over to our Merch Site for tickets as they are very limited.

PS. We are sorry to any one who can’t make it to a premiere. Please don’t worry we have something very special planned for you all, you just have to be a little more patient.

Can’t wait to see you there,
Andrew and Elizabeth

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Day 8 – Bangalore – Melbourne

So long India. Thank you for being so kind to us. You have provided us with the experience of a lifetime. Hopefully, we will be able to produce a documentary that will improve the lives of the beautiful animals all over your incredible country. Until next time, namaste!

– Elizabeth and Andrew

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Day 7 – Mumbai – Bangalore

It was time to head down south. We had heard so many great things about banging Bangalore. Not to mention Southern Indian food is amazing!

But the excitement soon turned to frustration as we 1) nearly missed our plane, 2) I thought I lost my passport, 3) Cam was nearly not allowed to board the plane because he forgot he left his swiss army knife in his take on luggage and 4) I nearly missed the plane due to security reasons.

The first thing we noticed when we hopped off the plane  was the refreshing cooler climate, in comparison to the 45 degree weather we had been experiencing. In addition, the roads were clean and well-made and there was far less tooting than anywhere we’d been! Might not seem like a big deal but after 7 days of non-stop car tooting, it was a welcome change.

We headed to the Bangalore bear sanctuary ran by Wildlife SOS. Our time there was nothing short of incredible. We watched the bears being fed, we met the last ever dancing bear in India and took a ride in the jeep and fed the bears watermelons!

It was one of the most amazing and humbling moments I have experienced when I turned around to see 4 of these majestic bears running after the car for more melons. One of those things you never forget!

When our time with the bears was through we headed back to our hotel to prepare for dinner. It was our last night in India before we headed home. To celebrate, we decided to relish in the local cuisine. Like I said, southern Indian food is fantastic yet the experience was made even better when it came on banana leaves!

We were very sad that our time had come to an end. However the excitement began to mount as we realised we had captured some incredible footage that would make hopefully an equally as exciting and informative documentary.

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Day 6 – Junnar to Mumbai

Day 6 was our only day off. We decided to spend it by soaking in the culture in the Bollywood hub Mumbai! After a 5 hour drive we finally arrived.

For those that have been, I’m sure you will concur that Mumbai is insane.
Our senses were overwhelmed with every sound, sight and smell that you can imagine.
It was very sad to learn that Mumbai’s main beach is considered toxic. It is little wonder when the foreshore was choking with rubbish everywhere. There went our swim we were so looking forward to!

The next day we ventured out to the chaos. When wandering around one of the main markets in old Mumbai we stumbled upon something so strange. We were at leisure in the fruit and veg section, being fed ultra hot chillies and playing with stray kittens. Then, as if walking to an alternate universe, we stepped into an open abattoir and a secret meat market (because hindus do not eat meat, only licensed abattoirs are allowed to operate in India). We were shocked. Eyeballs, intenstines and goat heads lined the tables. Rats ran over the guts whilst flies bred on the hearts. I have never seen hell, but I imagined this is exactly what it’s like. The smell of blood and death soaked the air. The blackness of the room set the tone. I wanted to leave. I didn’t have to walk far before a man stormed over to us asking what our purpose for being there was and to bluntly, “run. Get out.”

He explained with little detail that this place is “notorious.” It only took a quick scan around the room to realise that. It was only until later we were told that we were lucky our video camera (with all of our footage from the whole trip!) wasn’t smashed and one of us bashed.

This was enough for us. We were all Mumbai-ed out. Bring on Bangalore!

– Elizabeth and Andrew

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Photos from the trip!

Hey everyone,

Since the World wide web wasn’t as world wide as we needed, a lot of photos and posts haven’t been put up yet, but now we are back home we promise to recap on each day that we spent in India, along with photos.

In the mean time check out our photo album on our facebook page, to see what we saw.

And continue to check back and tell your friends as we will be updating everyone on the progress of the documentary as well as heaps of other things.

Cheers for being patient.

Andrew – Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty

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Day 5: Delhi – Pune – Junnar

This morning we caught an early plane to Pune which is in central India. From there we drove to Junnar which is around two hours away.

The purpose of travelling to such a rural and agricultural town is that we were visiting Wildlife SOS’ leopard sanctuary. Barely anybody is aware of the plight of leopards in India. Therefore, the sanctuary receives little funding. Needless to say the leopards were absolutely breath taking. We all instantly fell in love with them! We were lucky enough to even watch them feed.

Many people would be surprised to know that leopards are native to India. As the population expands and agricultural communities form in the rural areas, the space between the leopards and the humans becomes smaller. Much of their habitat has been cut down to make way for sugar cane plantation. This causes a very serious problem. The leopards have begun to give birth within the sugar crops and raise their young there. As the sugar cane is left for a year to grow, once the time comes to cut it down, the farmers find a mother leopard and her cubs. The mother becomes aggressive, usually resulting in either the farmer being hurt or killed or the mother leopard being killed. This leaves her cubs alone to fend for themselves.

Luckily, the Wildlife SOS leopard team are able to respond to such problems and rescue cubs and other leopards that have unfortunately wandered into the wrong areas. As said above, the leopard rescue centre receive very little funding. This results in more than half of the 27 leopards being kept in temporary, yet very small enclosures. ATAAC has decided we want to dedicate much of our fundraising to the leopard sanctuary and leopard awareness. Stay tuned for more information.

– Elizabeth

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